Welcome to our Women's Only


At Barre Fit Belles we provide affordable, NO Judgement studio for women of all ages, and fitness abilities.   Our classes are taught by caring, trained instructors who are  Royal Academy Of Dance Ballet Certified.  Barre classes offer small isometric movements that incorporate props to strengthen, tone large and small muscle groups. Providing cardiovascular benefits and burning those calories.  All classes end with a cool down and stretch to develop long lean muscles.  Our classes are a fun and exciting way to bring out your inner dancer or continue with expanding your fitness abilities.  Our unlimited class packages make it convenient and cost effective to enjoy as many classes as you like, or fit them in when you can.


Please bring a yoga mat,  water, towel (optional). dance shoes if required.



Due to the current Covid situations all our classes will be online until further notice.  We hope to get back into the studio soon, until then join our Online BarreFit classes for only $25 per month. No contract. Cancel anytime.

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Online BarreFit Studio classes

NEW as of July 2020.  Online BarreFIt Studio.  Enjoy all the benefits of our BarreFit Classes from the comfort of your home. On your time, in your space,  Gain access to a minimum of 2 new classes each week for only $25 per month.  Live classes Monday and Thursday at 830 pm with full acsess to all our previous classes to use at your connvience.

BARRE YOUR WAY.  Classes will be posted live, and on the private Facebook page for you to access and use whenever and wherever you are.